Concerned About Infertility?

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Are you one of several million couples over the age of 30 concerned about infertility ? Do your eggs have stress fatigue from standing too long at the ’start’ line ? Is your sperm count waning because you are overweight? What’s the difference bewteen IVF and IUI? What’s the latest in genetic infertility research?

These and other HOT  topics were covered in the sweltering heat at the SMART ART conference in Las Vegas on Artificial Reproductive Technology (ART). Candy the Nurse was pleased to be one of the breakout session presenters, hosting the topic (what else?) “Psychosocial aspects of parenting a very low birth weight baby.”


Merck Pharmaceuticals sponsored this three day assembly where some of the best and brightest researchers and clinicians from the US and Canada shared updates on the state of the ART of the science of infertility.

Some nurses were invited to attend thanks to a grant from Merck. We thank you!

Participants agreed  that an ethical continuum exists  on one side, helping families longing for a child, to the other, which   stretches waaaay over to where Eugenics lurks in the midst of murky decisions. Surely, the next ten years of medical technological breakthroughs promise many changes in this young science.

The Renaissance Hotel proved a lovely and quiet refuge to study and discuss. The hotel and SMART ART staff went above and beyond to make attenders feel welcome.

Keep an eye out for interviews with several of the speakers, to be posted soon as your nurse here can eke out a few minutes to edit the audio files.


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