Preemies in the News- Documenting Common Sense

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(This article by Candy the Nurse first appeared in Dec. 2010)

Two news items about preemies were reported in the past two weeks which were indirectly linked. Holding preemie hand

First, a study published by the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics
discussed qualitative research with 59 parents who participated in a read-aloud-to-your-preemie-in-the-NICU program. The follow-up telephone survey showed that this activity resulted in parental feelings of increased closeness to their infants.

Nothing new there.

The second item, from the journal, Cerebral Cortex, states preemies who hear their mother’s voice are able to distinguish mom’s voice from other voices, plus stimulate an emotional response. Furthermore, when preemies hear a nurse or other voice, researchers saw an entirely different ECG response, i.e., no stimulation to the emotional brain centers.

Again, this is intuitive.

Any parent, and those of us who have worked in the field of neonatology, could attest to the validity of this research… for free. Nevertheless, research is important to build an evidence-base with which to more closely plan our interventions.

Since the economy is tight, I’m glad at least some folks found work as researchers!

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