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A new study from Canada shows that preemies who are now in their 20’s  fare well in the long run. Most have jobs, and are living independently. This study included 130 families of babies with birth weight less than 900 grams, but none less than 700 grams, born between ‘77-’82. Many had at least one neurological problem, including cerebral palsy. A major limitation is that most families in the study were white, relatively well-educated and higher-income, and covered by Canada’s universal healthcare system, so the results are not necessarily the same as the general population. Families with lower incomes, less education or less access to healthcare may  face greater challenges, including (not easily quantified) more stress and strain on the family unit. (Source: Pediatrics June 7, 2010)

We need more studies to continue to follow families of extremely preterm children born in more recent years,like the a certain docu featured on this website!

And here’s news,from the June issue of Health Watch, of a study that parallels some ad hoc research I’ve conducted informally for many years as a NICU nurse, singing softly to preemies:Kangaroo care

“We took healthy premature infants, the ones that are in incubators… and let them hear music by Mozart and compare their energy expenditure, how much energy they spent just lying there while listening to music compared to a period without music at all,” said Dr. Ronit Lubetzky of the Tel Aviv Medical Centre.

The effect was not surprising. The babies’ vital signs reflected a more restful state within 10 minutes of listening. In general, more rest = more weight gain = less time in hospital. That’s another win-win !

Stay tuned to more news on the preemie baby front.

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